What is the review profile?

Your public review profile provides your customers with an overview of all the service reviews that your company has collected with Trusted Shops. This makes the review profile an important source of information, especially for customers who are specifically thinking about buying from your company. In this way, the review profile plays a central role in the conversion of new customers.

There are three ways in which potential customers can access the review profile: On the one hand, customers who are already on your website can pull up the profile via the Trustbadge®. On the other hand, your review profile of course also appears in the results of popular search engines such as Google when someone searches for reviews of your company. In addition, the review profile can be accessed via the Trusted Shops website.

How is the review profile structured?

The review profile offers your customers a variety of information that strengthens trust in your offer and provides support for interested customers as they make their purchase decision. In order to organise this information and provide visitors to the profile with a clear overview, the Review Profile is divided into up to four sections.

Take a look at the review profile of our demo shop here: To the Review Profile

The header


The header, which can be found at the top of your review profile, summarises the most important information about your company. In addition to your logo and the name of your company, customers can also find out how many reviews your company has already collected and what overall rating it has achieved. The blue tick behind the name of the company informs customers that the profile has been checked by Trusted Shops. If the profile has not been checked by Trusted Shops, the tick appears in grey.


In addition, customers can visit your shop directly via the "Go to website" button.

The reviews

Below the header, the review profile is divided into two columns. The larger column on the left focuses on the collected ratings. First, all previous reviews are summarised in the review overview.


In this overview, the overall rating and the corresponding star ratings are displayed on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, however, your customers will find the total number of all ratings as well as the number of ratings submitted in the past 12 months. In addition, it clearly shows how the reviews are distributed among the different ratings.

Below the rating overview, the individual reviews from your customers are listed. The reviews are sorted by relevance, which also strengthens the visibility of your review profile in search engines like Google, and improves the ranking. Sorting by relevance is based on objective criteria:

  • Review date: Current reviews are more meaningful than older ones and therefore more relevant.
  • Length of the commentary: Longer comments are usually more helpful than shorter ones. Therefore they have a higher relevance.
  • Deviations from the average mark: Reviews that deviate far from the average score are outliers. They do not adequately represent your online shop. Therefore the relevance of these reviews is lower.
  • Likes: Comments that many people rate as helpful have a higher relevance.


The decision as to whether a comment is helpful is made by the visitors to your review profile. By clicking on the “Helpful” button below the review text, customers can mark a review as helpful.


Based on these likes and the other relevance criteria mentioned above, it is decided which two ratings will be highlighted at the beginning of the review listing as the most relevant positive and most relevant critical review.

The fact that a critical review is also presented in this prominent position in the review profile does more than just increase the authenticity of your profile. Since many customers are particularly interested in the critical opinions, this presentation also increases the time spent in your review profile. This in turn has a very positive effect on the visibility of your profile in search engines.


In addition to the default sorting according to relevance, customers also have the option in the review profile to sort the reviews according to the latest review received (01_16x16.png). The most recent review is displayed first in this case. In addition, the displayed reviews can also be filtered according to the respective number of stars awarded (02_16x16.png). For example, it is possible to display only the four and five-star reviews, as shown in the screenshot above.

Information on the review profile’s “claimed” status

If you are a member of Trusted Shops, you will find a box at the top of the right-hand column of your review profile. This box informs customers that your profile has been checked by Trusted Shops and that you, as a member shop, have the opportunity to respond to reviews.


In addition to the checked review profiles of Trusted Shops member shops, there are also unclaimed profiles for non-members. In these cases, there is also a box in the right column that informs visitors about the profile's status.


Within the unclaimed profiles, the “Share your Review” button is integrated. By clicking on this button, customers are taken to a questionnaire that helps them leave a review.


Trusted Shops does not check whether the reviews collected in this way only come from consumers who have actually used or purchased goods or services from the reviewed company. Accordingly, the reviews collected in this way are not marked as "Verified review" in the review profile.

Moreover, companies that are not members of Trusted Shops cannot react to the reviews received.

If you’re not a Trusted Shops member, but would like to claim your review profile, this website will provide you with all the necessary contact information: Contact

Information on the Trustmark and buyer protection

If your company has been certified by Trusted Shops, there is another box in the right-hand column of your review profile.


This box clearly summarises the most important information about the Trustmark and buyer protection as well as the resulting advantages for your clientele. This further strengthens the trust in your shop.

If your company is not yet certified and does not carry the Trustmark, this box will not be displayed in your review profile.

Information about your company

Information about your company is also presented in the right-hand column of your review profile.


On the one hand, this box contains important company data such as your contact details, your entry in the commercial register and your authorised representatives. This transparent and clear source of information is also intended to strengthen trust in your shop.

In addition, you have the option to choose up to five categories for your shop and to share something about your company by writing a short description. We explain how to integrate this information into your review profile in the following section.

How can I customise the information in the review profile?

Of course, you have the option of customising some of the information about your company yourself. This concerns both the already mentioned category selection and the description text as well as the company name .

Adjust categories


  1. Log in to the eTrusted Control Centre.
  2. Click on the gearwheel (“Settings”) (01_16x16.png) in the main navigation. Then click on “Channel Settings” (02_16x16.png).
  3. Select the channel (03_16x16.png) for which you want to adjust the review profile.
  4. Open the “Company profile” (04_16x16.png) tab.
  5. Click on the “Categories” (05_16x16.png) input field to select up to five categories for your company.
  6. Click on “Save” (06_16x16.png).

You have now successfully adjusted the categories.

Adjust company name and company description


  1. Enter the name of your company (max. 80 characters) in the input field “Company name” (01_16x16.png), which should appear in the header of the review profile.
  2. Enter a description (max. 1,500 characters) about your company in the “Description” (02_16x16.png) input field.
You will see a preview of your changes in the area to the left of the two input fields (03_16x16.png).
  1. Click on “Save” (04_16x16.png).

You have now successfully adjusted the company name and company description.

Can I reply to published reviews?

Even if you have all your processes under control and ship all orders on time, when you have a large volume of reviews it can occasionally happen that a customer perceives their individual shopping experience differently and gives your shop a negative rating. Of course, such ratings will also appear in your review profile.

You have the option of reacting to such reviews within the review profile and describing the case from your point of view. We explain how best to do this in the article What are the main features of the Review Inbox?.

In this article we will give you some advice on how to formulate a customer-friendly and convincing reply comment, even to less positive reviews: 4 tips on how to react to negative reviews

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