What does the questionnaire for Product Reviews look like?

With the Trusted Shops Product Reviews, you have a convenient way to collect reviews from your customers for your product catalogue and thereby increase the sales of well-rated products.

The questionnaire template for Product Reviews

The questionnaires for Product Reviews look very similar to the optimised questionnaires for Service Reviews, so your customers will immediately find their way around. They are seamlessly integrated into the customer journey as part of the experience feedback. You can find out more below the graphic.


How does the questionnaire for Product Reviews work?

To ensure that your shop continues to receive good reviews when you have booked Product Reviews, the Product Review questionnaire is part of the Experience Feedback. This means that your customers will receive a review invite by e-mail as usual, in which they can click the "Rate now" button.

The customer journey looks like this:

  1. Your customer receives a review invite.
  2. The optimised questionnaire opens, in which the experience with your shop can be rated.
  3. Our system checks whether one or more than one product has been purchased.
    • If one product has been purchased, the customer will automatically see the questionnaire for this product afterwards. (left column in the graphic above)
    • If more than one product has been purchased, the customer automatically sees the product overview afterwards (right column in the graphic above) and can decide for themselves which product they would like to rate.
  4. If there are more products that can be rated after a successful review, the customer will be redirected to the product overview.
  5. After all products have been reviewed, the thank you page appears.

Where can I find submitted product reviews?
Submitted product reviews will land in your inbox as usual. For more information on how to manage Product Reviews, check out this article:
How do I edit collected product reviews?

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