eTrusted Platform Services

Control Center

In the eTrusted Control Center at you can easily keep track of all your Trusted Shops reviews.

  • Send review invites and check the current status of every invite you have sent through the Control Center in the Invite overview.
  • Invite rules: Flexible rules that easily adapt to the individual processes of your company
  • Touchpoints: Events at the touchpoints of your system trigger the dispatch of an eTrusted invite. You can connect several touchpoints.
  • „All Channels“-display: You receive the feedback from different channels (e.g. shops, service units, sales, domains etc.) in a uniform display.
  • The clearly structured and intuitive review inbox: React to new reviews in real time and reply quickly and proactively to negative feedback.
  • Comment on reviews: You are going be informed of new reviews via email so that you can quickly reply to customer feedback which might seem in need of explanation to other customers. A good opportunity to engage with comments and criticism, and showcase your openness. This way, you can improve customer satisfaction and turn dissatisfied customers into recurring buyers.
  • Report reviews as unjustified: Should a customer opinion not match the facts, you can always report a violation – subsequently, we shall assess the case. If a certain review violates the law in your opinion (e.g. objectively false or offensive reviews), Trusted Shops shall manually examine that review and deactivate it if it proves illicit.


Reviews and customer opinions are an important indication of the trustworthiness of an online presence for potential end customers.

The review system provided in the agreed language includes the following functions:

  • Obtaining customer opinions (comments) via an online form provided by Trusted Shops.
  • Rating stars can be awarded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 stars corresponding to the best rating.
  • The ratings and the customer opinions (together: "feedback") of the last 12 months can be viewed by you and the Trusted Shops employees in a protected area of the online system.

Review Profile

Your customers’ reviews can be displayed on your individual Trusted Shops review profile. The review profile contains your customers’ reviews as well as a summary of the reviews submitted in the last 12 months.

An overall rating is calculated from all the ratings submitted during the last 12 months. Each of the criteria is included in the overall rating, weighted according to the number of ratings submitted.

An average rating is calculated as follows:


Five-star scale             Overall rating

5 to 4.5                         Excellent

< 4.5 to 3.5                   Good

< 3.5 to 2.5                   Fair

< 2.5 to 1.5                   Poor

< 1.5 to 0                      Very poor

You and Trusted Shops employees can view your ratings from the last 12 months and your review profile are in a secure area of the online system.

Mobile app

Read, comment and manage your reviews while on the go by using our Mobile App (iOS and Android).

Unlimited number of reviews per month

Es gibt keine Begrenzung bei der Bewertungsanzahl! Dies ist wichtig, damit Sie ein Maximum an Feedback und Meinungen bekommen.

There are no restrictions on the number of reviews! It is important for you to be able to receive as much feedback and as many opinions as possible.

The number of review invites you are allowed to dispatch per month is agreed  upon when you book the service. The respective price list applies.

Rich snippets

Rich snippets allows you to show your stars in the organic search engine results on Google.

Reputation Manager

Get good reviews – on all platforms, in one place! With our Reputation Manager Feature, you can use the full potential of our eTrusted review engine in order to quickly improve your reviews and keep them at an excellent level at all times across many different open, SEO-relevant platforms, e.g. Google, Facebook, Trustpilot etc.  You can compare your rating status across your platforms of choice, and direct individual review invitations to the ones you would like to improve. You can do this for all or only some of your online shops and touchpoints, permanently or temporarily, automatically or manually. All of these steps you can now plan, control and manage from the comfort of the eTrusted Control Center..


Show your valuable customer feedback on your website with just a few rows of code by using one of the configurable eTrusted Widgets.

Review Collector

With the Review Collector you can collect customer reviews with just a few clicks and no technical integration by simply uploading a CSV file.

eTrusted API

Gain access to all eTrusted functions from the comfort of your own system by using our RESTful-APIs. Collecting feedback via your own CRM or ERP? We have the solution for you!

External Analysis

You can export your data at all times and thus integrate and utilise it in all your analyses of all different systems.

Google Integration (Extra Option)

The reviews are displayed in your Google Shopping Profile as well as in Google AdWords. If you are using Google AdWords, each Trusted Shops customer review contributes to improving your adverts’ ranking. This not only leads to an increased click rate, but also allows you to optimise the use of your Google AdWords budget by improving quality factors.


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