Guidelines for the Use of the Review System

  1. The Client must ensure that only ratings based on a referenced experience of a customer, user or prospective customer can be transmitted to the Trusted Shops rating system. However, the Client must transmit these ratings in their entirety - not only selected positive ones, but all of them. Accordingly, all customers, users or prospective customers are to be asked equally for a review in a neutral manner, regardless of the expected feedback.
  2. The Client will supply this review data exclusively to Trusted Shops and will not use the reviews elsewhere on the Internet for advertising purposes. In particular, Trusted Shops solely is entitled to transmit the reviews to Google as part of the Google Seller Rating Programme.
  3. The Client may not misuse the Review System. The Client is especially prohibited from creating a falsely positive impression of the quality of its services, e.g. that said quality is outstandingly good, by means of positive reviews produced or commissioned by the Client itself. The Client is also prohibited from using untruthful information to prevent customers’ negative reviews from entering the review system.
  4. On request by Trusted Shops, the Client must prove the authenticity of a review to the former and, if necessary, submit documents and evidence for this without delay.
  5. The Client is prohibited from using threats or aggressive behaviour to influence a customer or a Trusted Shops employee to have a submitted review changed.
  6. The Client will not offer its customers any advantages, special conditions, discounts or other incentives with the aim of inducing the submission of a positive review or the withdrawal of a negative one. In case the Client modifies the contents of a review invite email in any way, it must also comply with the applicable law and in particular refrain from including any criminal, offensive or technically harmful content
  7. Insofar as the Client wishes to use the option of asking customers by e-mail for a review via the Review System, or uses the Online System for this purpose and dispatches review invites via Trusted Shops, it acts as the Data Controller and is thus responsible for the processing of customers’ personal data (e-mail address and, if applicable, other). As the Controller, the Client must comply with all relevant data protection regulations. Particularly, it must, in a neutral manner and in accordance with legal requirements, inform its customers about the purpose of the processing and, before using the Review System, the express consent of each customer to use and, if necessary, transmit their email address as well as potentially other personal data further for this purpose.
  8. Should the Client consider an individual review illicit (it being a potential insult, defamatory criticism, or an untrue factual statement), Trusted Shops will assess the review manually and deactivate any illicit reviews and contents. If the Client deems an image attached to the review in violation of any legal regulations and/or the terms of use of the Review System, the image will also be accordingly assessed by Trusted Shops. If Trusted Shops determines a violation, the image will be removed. The rest of the review will remain public unless it also contains objectively illicit elements.

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