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Welcome to Trusted Shops! Inspiring genuine trust among your customers is not easy. From now on we help you to create solid customer trust and enjoy sustainable success – just as we already do for more than 30,000 online shops every day.

This article gives you a compact overview of your first steps with Trusted Shops as well as our most important products. Learn everything you need to know in order to get started and make the most of the products you have booked.

First steps

In order to display the Trusted Shops Trustmark on your website and collect reviews, a few steps are required. You can find comprehensive instructions and detailed information for each of these steps in the Help Centre, which is where you currently are.

Would you like to get started right away? Then click on one of the following steps and start your success story with Trusted Shops.


A few explanations in advance: What are Trustbadge®, Trustmark, Buyer Protection etc.?

Over the coming days and weeks, as you integrate Trusted Shops into your website and use it for the first time, you will learn about our products in detail. In the process, you may come across some terms that initially seem strange to you. To ensure that you find your way around the world of Trusted Shops as quickly as possible, you can find numerous articles in our Help Centre that explain what terms such as Trustbadge®, Trustmark and Buyer Protection are all about.

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Trustmark and Trustbadge Buyer Protection
To be able to display the Trustmark on your website, you need to integrate the Trustbadge. If you want to learn about the differences between the two products, we highly recommend this cheat sheet: Websites that display the Trusted Shops Trustmark automatically also offer Buyer Protection. For this reason, it is helpful if you are familiar with the Buyer Protection and its variants. This article can help you:
What is the difference between the Trustmark and the Trustbadge? What is the Buyer Protection?

Step 1: Integrate Trusted Shops into your shop

The Trustbadge is the central element for use of all Trusted Shops products. It makes it possible for you to send review invites as well as offer your customers Buyer Protection. In addition to this, the Trustbadge is the digital figurehead for presenting your Trustmark as well as the star ratings you have achieved so far.

We offer two easy ways to integrate the Trustbadge into your website.

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Integration via shop software plugin Integration via Trustbadge generator
Integration of the Trustbadge is particularly simple and easy if you use one of our plugins for standard shop software systems such as Shopware, Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento and integrate it via the appropriate plugin. Is there currently no plugin offered for the shop software you use? No problem. With our Trustbadge generator you can generate the required code yourself, adjust it to your needs, and manually integrate it into your website.
Would you like to integrate the Trustbadge into your website? In this article we give you an overview of all the plugins and take you step-by-step through the integration: Integrate Trusted Shops into your shop

Step 2: Collect your first reviews

Our eTrusted review platform allows you to collect reviews particularly effectively. Simply use the automatic or manual invite dispatch and look forward to countless authentic reviews of your service and your products.

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Automatic invite dispatch Manual invite dispatch
The easiest way to collect reviews is to use the eTrusted automation. Once set up, this automatically sends a review invite to all customers that complete a purchase with you and agree to receive a review request. This allows you to continuously collect reviews without needing to do anything else. Would you like to manually invite certain customers to submit a review? Then upload a CSV file with customer data to the Review Collector and send review invites to the selected customer base

Here we explain how to set up the dispatch of your review invites in just a few minutes: Collect your first reviews

Do you have more specific requirements for dispatch of your review invites? Then use our APIs to automatically collect reviews. In our documentation for developers you can find all the information about the possibilities of APIs as well as how to set them up.

Step 3: Manage the reviews you have collected with eTrusted

As soon as you receive reviews from your customers, you should keep an eye on them and react if necessary. The Control Centre of our review platform eTrusted is available to you for this review management. It allows you to read, evaluate and answer reviews as well as report them to Trusted Shops.

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Respond to reviews Report reviews
Reviews you have collected can be found in the inbox of your Control Centre. There you can read and answer all your reviews as well as answer them directly in an e-mail to your customer. Have you received a review that you think violates our terms and conditions for use? Then open your inbox and report the review to Trusted Shops.

In this article we guide you through the eTrusted Control Centre and explain the possibilities our review platform offers: Explore your eTrusted review platform

If reviews cannot be deleted...
Reported reviews can only be deleted if they violate our terms and conditions for use or contain obvious errors. Subjective statements of opinion, on the other hand, cannot be removed. Despite this, you have the opportunity to transform critical reviews into something positive. In this article, we explain how this can be done: The right way to react to negative reviews

Step 4: Give feedback on your audit report

Our Trustmark has been a well-known trust brand for more than 20 years. To ensure that customers continue to trust the quality promise of the Trustmark, it is important that Trusted Shops audits and certifies every online shop that wants to carry it.

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Start certification Edit audit report
You don't need to do anything to start the certification. Our team will proceed with the audit immediately after acceptance of the contract and will send you your audit report no later than 10 working days after starting it.

We will contact you by e-mail as soon as your audit report is available. Then it's your turn. Work on the points listed in the audit report to ensure to receive the Trustmark after another audit.

The faster you deal with the audit report, the sooner you can display the Trustmark on your website. To help you with this, this article explains what you need to bear in mind when working on it: Give feedback on your audit report

Step 5: Maintain your review profile

The review profile provided by Trusted Shops is an important source of information for your customers.

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Overview of your reviews High-quality SEO content
All reviews collected by you will be published in your review profile. This is where potential customers can get an idea of what you have to offer and gain trust in your company. Incoming reviews create high-quality SEO content in your review profile. This allows the review profile to actively and sustainably support your ranking in search engines such as Google.
Support the trust-building effect of the review profile by supplementing it with additional information about your company. We explain how this works here: Maintain your review profile

Do you have any questions?

This article is naturally too short to answer every question. In our Help Centre you can quickly find answers to the most important and most common questions. Use the option of entering a keyword in the search or clicking on a category.

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