Using Trusted Shops with Wix

The plugin described in the following instructions is aimed at shops that only want to collect, display and manage reviews with Trusted Shops.
Do you have a Trusted Shops membership and would like to display the Trusted Shops Trustmark in your shop, for example? Then please use our second plugin, which allows you to integrate our entire product portfolio into your shop. You can find the corresponding instructions here: Installing the Wix plugin


To install the Trusted Shops app, you must first open the app market provided by Wix. To do this, first go to your Wix backend. Then select the menu item "Apps" (01_16x16.png) within the navigation on the left side. A submenu will then open. Click on the menu item "App Market" (02_16x16.png).


This will redirect you to the Wix app market. Use the search field here to search for the search terms "Trusted Shops".


Two Trusted Shops plugins are displayed in the search results. One plugin is aimed at shops that only want to collect, display and manage reviews with Trusted Shops. With the other plugin ("Trusted Shops Easy Integration"), you can integrate our entire product portfolio into your shop. The following instructions describe the plugin for collecting, displaying and managing reviews.

Select the app "Trusted Shops Reviews" from the search results displayed. Click on the "Add to Site" button in the overview that now opens.


In the subsequent overview, you have the option of selecting the website for which the app is to be added. Decide on a website and click on the corresponding "Select" button.

In order for the app to be integrated into your shop, you must grant certain access rights for your shop. The overview that now opens gives you an overview of the rights that are required for the use of our app. Click on the button "Add to Site" if you agree and want to continue the installation.


You will then need to pay to purchase the app. Click on the "Go to Wix Checkout" button to proceed to payment.


Now you can first select the billing period. You can choose between "Monthly" and "Yearly". Decide on one of the two options by placing a tick and then click on "Next".


In the view that now opens, you must enter your billing details and payment information. Click on "Submit Purchase" as soon as you have entered all the data to purchase the app for a fee.


If the purchase was successful, a success message will now appear. Click on the "View Your Apps" button within this message to continue the installation.


The "Manage apps" overview then opens. Within this overview, look for the entry "Trusted Shops Reviews" and click on the corresponding "Open" button.


This will take you to the registration form. Enter the necessary information about your shop, your company and yourself in this form and finally click on the "Sign Up" button.


If the registration process was successful, a success message will appear. You will also receive an email confirmation with further information on how to set up a password for your rating inbox.


You will then be automatically redirected to the app's dashboard, where you can configure the app according to your needs.



You have now successfully installed the Trusted Shops plugin. In the following, we will show you how to display the Trustbadge® technology in your shop and configure it according to your individual wishes:

Collect Service Reviews

With our app, you have the option to automatically invite your customers to submit a rating. If you want to activate this function, you can do so in the app's dashboard. To do this, click on the button in the section "Automatically collect reviews about your service after checkout" so that it is set to "Active".


If this function is activated, the Trustcard opens after your customers check out.


The Trustcard asks your customers for their consent to receive an evaluation invitation. If your clients give their consent, they will receive an evaluation invitation by default on the seventh day after receipt of the order.

You want to send invites at a different time because, for example, your products have a longer delivery time? Then create an invitation rule in the eTrusted control centre. What you need to do for this is explained in this article: How to send invites to my customers automatically?

Show Service Reviews in your shop, using the Trustbadge

With the help of our Trustbadge technology, you can effortlessly showcase your collected Service Reviews in your shop. To do this, scroll within the app dashboard to the section "Shine with your reviews using our tailor-made widgets". Activate the Trustbadge there by setting the switch at "Trustbadge" to "Active".


Once you have activated the Trustbadge in this way, it will be visible on all pages of your shop.


After activation, you can configure the placement of the Trustbadge for the desktop and mobile view independently of each other. You can choose between placement on the bottom right and bottom left of the screen. Open the drop-down menu at "Placement for desktop users" (01_16x16.png) or "Placement for mobile users" (02_16x16.png) with a click to decide on your desired positioning.


Manage Service Reviews

By purchasing our app, you also have the option to manage collected Service Reviews in your Review Inbox. You can access the Review inbox by clicking on the "Open Review Inbox" button in the app dashboard.


The review inbox offers you various options for analysing and editing your collected reviews. This article offers you a first overview of the possibilities of the Inbox: What are the main features of the Review Inbox?

Particularly noteworthy is the option to reply to received reviews. Not only the person giving the rating will be informed about your reply. In addition, your reply will be published in your review profile. With the help of the reply option, you can present yourself to other customers as a friendly, professional and customer-centred company. How to reply to reviews is explained here.

If you feel that a review violates our terms of use - for example, because it is demonstrably untrue or offensive - you can report it to us. Our team will immediately review the reported review and delete it if necessary. How to report reviews is explained in this article: How do I report a review?

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