I can no longer log in to Trusted Shops. What now?

There can be several reasons why your login attempt has failed. For this reason, we would like to use this article to provide you with some possible solutions to solve your problem.

Use the correct login page

If you have bookmarked the login page in your browser, the login page you saved may no longer be valid. This may be the case in particular if you have copied the URL from one of the e-mails that Trusted Shops has sent to you. These URLs are often temporary Internet addresses that are no longer valid after a certain time and therefore no longer work. Unfortunately, it is also not possible to change your password via such URLs.

For this reason, please ensure to always use the following URLs to log in or change your password:

You may also bookmark these two URLs. These login addresses do not lose their validity.

Once you open the aforementioned URLs, a one-time login page with an individual URL is generated, which becomes invalid again after a short time. Therefore, set your bookmark or bookmark only to the above URLs - and not to the login page that opens.

Clear cache memory and cookies

Both the files stored in your cache memory and the cookies you save make browsing the Internet faster and more comfortable. However, they can also lead to errors if they are outdated. As a result, it is possible that an outdated file is preventing you from logging in. In order to avoid this, clear the cache memory as well as your cookies within your browser settings and then try to log in again.

Check your browser

Another cause of an incorrect login can be your browser itself. To make your work as easy as possible, we are constantly adapting our eTrusted and My Trusted Shops platforms to the latest versions of common browsers. Occasionally, this may cause our platforms to be incompatible with outdated browser versions. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser and update it if necessary.

You may also like to try another browser if the login in your usual browser failed. If login succeeds in this other browser, there is a high probability that your common browser is either outdated or uses faulty cache files or cookies.

Change your password

There is, of course, also a possibility that the password you use is incorrect. In case you have forgotten your old password and would like to change it, you can do so here.

How to change the password, is explained in this article: How can I change my password?

Feel free to contact us

You have tried all the suggested solution strategies in this article and are still unable to log in? Then please contact us via e-mail to members@trustedshops.com or by calling +44 203 364 5906. We are very happy to help you.

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