How do I personalise the design of my review invites and questionnaires?

In this article, you will learn how to customise the design of review invites and questionnaires to your corporate design with the help of the personalisation function. You will also find out why sending personalised emails to your customers can be crucial for building a closer relationship with them and improving conversion rates. 

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Where can I personalise the design of review invites and questionnaires? 

You can adjust the design of the review invites and questionnaires in the eTrusted Control Centre.  

  1. Log in to the eTrusted Control Centre.
  2. Click on the gear symbol ("Settings") (01_16x16.png) in the main navigation area. Then click on "Channel Settings" (02_16x16.png).
  3. Select the channel (03_16x16.png) for which you want to personalise your Invite Mails and Questionnaires.
  4. Open the "Personalisation" tab (04_16x16.png). The overview “Personalisation” opens.

How the Review Invite Mails are displayed without the personalisation feature 

Review Invite Mails usually display the Trusted Shops logo and colours. 


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How can I personalise my Invite Mails and Questionnaires?

Within the "Personalisation" overview, you have three options for personalising your review invites and questionnaires:

1. Logo

Upload your logo (01_32x32.png) in one of the four common formats: jpg, png, bmp or svg. Here, using a high-resolution logo is recommended. The logo will be displayed in the most high-quality format, regardless of the uploaded format or size.


2. Corporate colours

Pick your favoured corporate colours. You can choose the primary brand colour (01_32x32.png) to display your company’s look and feel, while the action colour (02_32x32.png) is useful for buttons and actionable elements, such as links.


3. Style of salutation

Select the style of your salutation, which can be either formal or informal.


4. Apply to all channels

Here you can apply your personalisation settings to all channels (01_16x16.png). Please note that this function can only be used and displayed if you have at least 2 channels. 

Save your changes (02_16x16.png) when you have finished personalising the design of your invites and questionnaires.


5. Preview section

Lastly, you can directly see your changes in the preview section to decide if you are satisfied with your  personalisation


Your questionnaire templates not only allow you to personalise the design. You can also adjust the content structure of the questionnaire templates. We explain how to do this in the following article: How do I personalise the content of my questionnaires?

What advantages do the personalised review invites and questionnaires offer my company? 

Here are the three main benefits to considering the style and branding of your email communication: 

  1. You can create a more personal relationship between you and your customer by branding your communication.
  2. Personalising your invites is an effective communicative strategy to make both existing and new customers more likely to respond positively. 
  3. Increase your conversion rate further by adding personal touches for an even better recognition value.

Which templates is the personalisation feature useful for? 

The options you set in the personalisation feature are used for the following templates: 

Invite Mail Templates: 

  • Optimised email template


  • Optimised email template (COVID-19)


  • Optimised email template (Experience) 


Questionnaire Templates: 

  • Standard Questionnaire
  • Extended Questionnaire
  • Extended Questionnaire  (COVID-19) 
  • Templates you have created yourself

Review Reply Templates

  • Reputation Manager Mail


  • Review Reply Mail 


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