Which questionnaire template should I send to my customers?

eTrusted sends out review invites for you as email messages to your customers – either manually or automatically. These messages include a link to one of several questionnaire templates you can choose in advance so that your customers can submit a review of your services.

This article provides an overview of the available questionnaire templates and a guide to choosing the most fitting template according to your needs. In the following section, you are asked targeted questions to simplify your choice.

How do I choose the correct template?

In the yellow field below, you are asked two questions. The first question asks you to consider which of your services customers should give you feedback on:

a) Service only: this includes a general rating of your service to your customers

b) Service, delivery and goods: additional criteria to the "service only" template

c) Service and products: includes a rating of both your service and product(s)

d) Products only: your customers only rate one or several of your products

The second question asks you about the specific kind of feedback you want to collect. All templates include a star rating and an option for text feedback, with only the Extended Questionnaire Template [[Link]] providing the option for more extensive feedback on delivery and goods.

After answering both questions, the survey shows you the fitting template with a link to the relevant article with instructions on using the questionnaire. You can also get a first impression of your relevant template in the following section “How do each of the templates look like?” 

What do the questionnaire templates look like?

View the Standard Questionnaire Template
View the Extended Questionnaire Template
View the Service + Product Questionnaire Template
Standard Questionnaire variant


Extended Questionnaire variant


View the Product Only Questionnaire Template

Additional questions

Does eTrusted provide a questionnaire API?

Yes. Our Transactional Questionnaire Link API retrieves data from the URLs related to the questionnaires preconfigured for your customers. These questionnaire URLs can be implemented in any email, SMS or other communication channels in order to ask for feedback. To learn more about our APIs, visit our API documentation.

What are the improvements over the review form in My Trusted Shops?

With the new questionnaires, we focus on increasing the conversion rate. The new design and question types are optimised to be responsive on mobile devices, making the experience more user-friendly. 

By only having one question per page, your customer will take small steps and focus on each question individually. Showing step-by-step progress helps your customers feel more engaged, resulting in higher conversion and better feedback quality

On top of that, our new technology offers a structure of questions with logic jumps: negative feedback leads to additional questions that are designed to help you understand why your customer is unsatisfied

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