How do I use the Extended Questionnaire Template?

The Extended Questionnaire Template contains the same features as the Standard Questionnaire Template with additional questions on your shop's delivery, goods and customer service. These questions cannot be directly displayed on your shop’s website and do not impact the star rating. Instead, they can give you detailed insights on improving your services.

What does the Extended Questionnaire Template look like?

This animation shows each of the components of the questionnaire your customers will receive, including the star rating, the commentary function and the additional questions on your services.


Similar to the Standard Questionnaire Template, the question asked in the comment field varies according to the number of stars that have been assigned.


How do I set up review invites with the Extended Questionnaire Template?

There are two possible ways of collecting eTrusted reviews with this template from the Control Centre: either automatically or manually.

You can find more details on both the automated and the manual invite dispatch in these two articles:


Additional questions

How can I stay updated on my received reviews?

You can find an overview of your received reviews in your “Inbox” in the Control Centre. The “Additional questions” are displayed directly below the reply field of your customer’s comment.


More details on the review inbox can be found in this article: What are the main features of the Review Inbox?

Are reviews saved even if they were not filled in completely?

Yes, once customers have chosen a star rating and have clicked the button "Submit & continue", the review is submitted, counted and published. Additional review texts are both submitted and published after the final "Submit" button has been pressed. This is in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

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