How do I use the Service + Product Questionnaire Template?

The Service + Product Questionnaire Template provides you and your customers the most detailed rating overview of your services and products. It can be combined with either the Standard Questionnaire Template or the Extended Questionnaire Template.

Please be aware: For using this template, you need advanced coding skills to apply the information in the section: How do I set up invites with the Service + Product Questionnaire Template?

What does the Service + Product Questionnaire Template look like?

These two animations show each of the components of the questionnaire your customers will receive for both variants of this template. When rating your services and your products, your customers always provide a star rating and are asked to use the commentary function

Standard Questionnaire Variant


Extended Questionnaire Variant



The question asked in the comment field varies according to the number of stars that have been assigned.



How do I set up invites with the Service + Product Questionnaire Template?

The only way of using this template is by using APIs (Application Programming Interface). APIs are programming interfaces that enable communication via a code between two software programmes and allow the automated retrieval of data

If you want to collect Product Reviews via APIs, we have a suitable guide for you, depending on your starting point with regard to your API set-up:

A: You have already established an API connection for your work with MyTS and now want to integrate it to eTrusted. Then this guide for the API connection to eTrusted is recommended:

B: As an eTrusted user, you have not used APIs so far, but would like to collect Product Reviews via APIs. Then we recommend this article and a look at the Developer Center:

Using the questionnaire link API to generate invites

Once your API set-up is completed, you can proceed by using the Questionnaire Link API. This API generates a link you can use in your own mailing in order to send out links for questionnaires to your customers. For this, you are not reliant on the mailing from Trusted Shops. 

You can find detailed instructions on this process in the Developer Center:

Additional questions

How can I stay updated on my received reviews?

You can find an overview of your received reviews in your “Inbox” in the Control Centre. The “Additional questions” are displayed directly below the reply field of your customers' comments, and the Product Reviews are shown directly next to them on the right side.


More details on the review inbox can be found in this article: What are the main features of the Review Inbox?

Are reviews saved even if they were not filled in completely?

Yes, once customers have chosen a star rating and have clicked the button "Submit & continue", the review is submitted, counted and published. Additional review texts are both submitted and published after the final "Submit" button has been pressed. This is in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

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