How do I manage my review notification e-mails?

You can collect reviews from your customers through Trusted Shops.

How you easily set up your review invite e-mails to collect product and service reviews through Trusted Shops, you can read in our Help Centre article: Collect your first reviews.

What are the review notification e-mails?

Whenever a customer leaves a review for your product or service, you will receive a notification e-mail. The notification will inform you about the data and the full review. So, you can react view and react immediately to the review.

1. Step: Find the review notification settings.

You can find the notifications settings in the user settings section in the eTrusted Control Centre.


2. Step: Choose your review notifications.

In the notifications setting area, you can choose if you want to receive notification e-mails for:

  • 1- and 2-star reviews.
  • 3-star reviews.
  • 4- and 5-star reviews.

You can choose one or more of the given options. You will then only receive notification e-mails for the chosen star reviews. When all three are activated, all three will be sent in parallel.


Please note that the activation or deactivation of the notification e-mails applies to all channels that the user who is logged in has access to.

The notifications settings area shows QR codes with direct links to the mobile app, so you can store and manage your notifications on your phone.

3. Step: Manage your reviews via your notification e-mails.

The mail will show:

  • If it’s a service or product review.
  • The given star rating.
  • The title and full review by your customer.
  • The reference number, transaction date, and review date.
  • The customer’s username (if available).

There will be a coloured indication based on the given star rating, so you can view and react immediately to the given review if necessary.


With the Open inbox button, you’ll get redirected to the respective review in your Control Centre inbox. If the Control Centre session is no longer active, you will have to log in first.

The review notification e-mails will be in the language you have selected in the Control Centre.

If you had the review notification e-mails set in MyTS, all their functions will be disabled. You must select the settings again in the eTrusted Control Centre.

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