Trusted Shops whistleblowing system

Trusted Shops whistleblowing system for partner companies, service providers and contractor

Where can I report legal violations to Trusted Shops? 

As part of the implementation of Directive (EU) 2019/1937, Trusted Shops enables, among others, external partner companies, service providers and contractors to use the Hintbox platform as a channel for reporting legal violations. The Hintbox reporting system is used to anonymously report actual or potential violations to Trusted Shops of which the reporting party has become aware in the course of its cooperation with the former.  

You can access our Hintbox reporting system here. 

What breaches can I report through the system? 

As an external partner company, service provider or contractor, you can report any violation of EU law within the meaning of the so-called Whistleblower Directive as well as violations of national law insofar as the national legislator has extended the scope of the Directive to these national laws.   

This includes, for example, violations of antitrust law, consumer law or competition law.  

Who processes the reports? 

The Trusted Shops Hintbox reporting system is an internal reporting system. Our team of trusted associates is responsible for processing the reports and deciding on the necessary measures. It is these trusted associates alone that have access to the reports. If the processing of a report requires the involvement of other parties, access to an individual report can also be granted to them. If necessary, the reports are also forwarded to the competent public authority. 

Can I submit an anonymous report? 

Yes, a report via the Trusted Shops Hintbox reporting system can be made completely anonymously. The transmission of personal data is always optional.  

Even if a report is not submitted anonymously, the identity of the reporting party will not be disclosed without their express consent to anyone other than the aforementioned trusted associates responsible for receiving, or acting on, reports. This does not preclude disclosures required by law in connection with investigations by national authorities or legal proceedings. 

This consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time in text form (e.g. e-mail) or in writing (e.g. letter) to Trusted Shops with effect for the future. 

All information on data protection when using the platform can be found in the data protection information. 


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