Installing the Wix Plugin

The plugin described in the following instructions is only aimed at shops with a Trusted Shops membership.
Do you use Trusted Shops exclusively to collect reviews? Then please use our second plugin, which is geared towards collecting, displaying and managing reviews. You can find the corresponding instructions here: Collecting reviews with Wix
  1. Log in to the Wix Backend.
  2. In the main navigation, first click on "Apps" (01_16x16.png) and then on "App Market" (02_16x16.png).
  3. The Wix app market will open. Enter "Trusted Shops" in the search bar and start the search.
Two Trusted Shops plugins are displayed in the search results. One plugin ("Trusted Shops Reviews") is aimed at shops that only want to collect, display and manage reviews with Trusted Shops. With the other plugin, you can integrate our entire product portfolio into your shop. The following instructions describe the plugin for the entire product portfolio.
  1. Select the "Trusted Shops Easy Integration" plugin.
  2. A new overview will open. Click on "Add to Site".
  3. A new overview will open. Click on the "Select" button of the website you want to add the plugin to.
  4. An overview of the rights required to use our plugin will open. Click "Agree & Add" if you agree to granting these rights.

The plugin has been successfully installed. The plugin login screen will appear.

Now, follow these instructions to configure the plugin according to your individual requirements: Using Trusted Shops with a plugin

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