By which criteria are the search results sorted?

If you use the shop search function on our Trusted Shops website to search for specific products, services or companies, the results are sorted by the following bases:

Calculation Basis 1

Keyword match

Calculation Basis 2

Description of the company

Shop Rating

Shop Certification Status

Shop’s Review Count

Evaluation of the criteria

For the order of the displayed search results, the above-mentioned calculation bases are determined by a scoring system. The calculated scores of calculation basis 1 and 2 are then added together to give the respective total score of the search results. The search results are sorted in descending order of the total score.

Calculation Basis 1: This results from the match of the entered search term. If the search term matches a product, service or company name, a higher score is calculated than if it matches a description, address or URL.

Calculation Basis 2: This results from the company’s description length, the average rating score, the company’s certification and the number of reviews collected. The better the company performs in these categories, the higher is the score per criterion.



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