How do I track the performance of the review invites I’ve sent out?

The eTrusted Control Centre contains the Invite Performance dashboard. There, you can immediately get an overview of how well your service review invites are performing with your customers. With the data from this performance overview, you can make adjustments to your invite settings if necessary. The data from the Reputation Manager is not shown in the Invite Performance Dashboard.

Where do I find the Invite Performance dashboard?

  1. Log into the eTrusted Control Centre.
  2. Click on “Analytics” (01_16x16.png) in the main navigation.
  3. Click on “Invite Performance” (02_16x16.png).


What information does the Invite Performance dashboard include?

Invite Evaluation

This area shows you the number of invites delivered (01_16x16.png), the number of invites clicked (02_16x16.png), the number of reviews received* (03_16x16.png), and the conversion rate (04_16x16.png). The conversion rate is calculated from the invites delivered and the reviews received. The percentages indicate the ratio between the invites delivered and the invite clicks, or reviews received.


*Remember that this only shows the number of reviews your customers have given based on the invites sent to them during the period you selected. This number may not match the total number of reviews you see in the Review Inbox, as reviews can be submitted by your customers without an invite. The reviews are assigned to the period in which the invite was sent.

Invite evaluation history

This chart shows you the history of invites delivered, reviews received and invites clicked in the period you have selected.


Conversion history

With this chart, you can see the history of the conversion rate in the period you have selected.


How do I adjust the period displayed?

Using the drop-down menu "Date Range", you can select from which period you would like to view your data.


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